I’m just near 14, came with my family to eastern part of the country, where the hills and only one river. I enjoyed new city and new neighbors also.

Our homes types that there is a common wall for each house which means that you can hear or see any things in other location.

As our town streets full of women who always wear their long dresses, there are some of them insist to ear tight ones (that show the soft ass moves when they walking), and I’m in that age felt the only thing I need in that moments is just to come near those asses and touch one of them.

A new neighbor come and the family consist from a man, his wife and his sister, the husband is bus driver hat sometimes be absent from his home for a weeks.

From the first date I noticed that his wife has very fine body and with tanned curves (that when she came to introduce herself to my mom).

I said Oh My God when she sat in our living room and put one leg over another, that sight show so sexy long fine leg especially when the dress went away above her knees, the shape of her legs immediately went to my head to tell my blood to run fast and that happened when I felt my penis going to be hard just to see that legs, my mom shouted to me: What are you looking at, go to your homework.

The day that I cum on it have been come, and that when at my room and whole family outside home. I heard low music comes from near home.. ohhh it comes from the new neighbors.  After a while I heard someone laugh loud and that is young wife neighbor.

Quickly I run to the wall that separate our home from hers and raise my head to see that most hot sight of that delicious sexy woman, I saw her wearing so short tight dress with her hair free and there is a music recorder brought a soft music, she began to move her curves from side to side matching the music rhythm.

Ohh my damn when gave her ass to me (she is not noticing that I’m watching), that soft ass appeared clearly behind that transparent dress she wearing and at that moment I just want thing in the whole life , I want to see that ass full naked and I want to put my cock inside it, I felt like explosion in my genitals area and my cock went hard and tried to screw that wall in front of me, I cum .. I really cum when she bent down and sees the naked ass that I dreamed of it. And now I feel so hard just for remembering those moments.

Ooh my God, although it is about 30 years from that moments I hoped to see her again , but she went to another city just after 2 years in ours. I’m sure I will cum in street if I saw her again, I’m sure